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Buddha Fest 2010
Time Has Come to change the way cannabis is viewed around the world.
California and a few other states are on the verge of allowing adults the freedom to choose what is right for them.  Legalization of cannabis doesn’t equate to everyone smoking a jay.  It means we can now legally start growing industrial hemp in the US.

Buddha Fest will be an open soap box of voices to spread their opinion on cannabis while being entertained all day long. It is a political rally for the awareness of cannabis. 

November 2nd 2010 California will have a chance to vote on Prop 19 which will determine the legality of Cannabis in the state of California.

Buddha Fest is neither for nor against Prop 19
Buddha Fest is defined in our eyes as a neutral place of awareness that believes all adults 21 years of age should be free to choose what they like and dislike.

Buddha Fest is open to both sides of the argument to voice their humble opinion on Prop 19.

Buddha Fest will have 10 staging areas with Live Music, DJ’s, Art, Vendors and more. There is an acre of space to walk around in a daze and look at the Art Park and view all the vendors selling there products. 60 hand selected vendors will be there to promote and sell some of their products.  

There will be 20 different high end food trucks catering the event.  Bring on the munchies we have your back covered with all the good delights LA has to offer.

Their is an indoor all exclusive VIP area for companies, celebrities and those eager few to mingle with the cannabis industry.

The date is set for Oct 23rd, 2010 at the Los Angeles Center Studios.
The doors will open at 12:00 pm noon and shut down at 2:00 am.
Various forms of entertainment will take place through out the day.

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